Saturday, 18 June 2011

Is that the sun?

Well it IS the sun, trying very hard to stay out. It is a bit warmer though, so that is good. Dry enough to mow the lawn. Thank you to my sweet husband!

Here is a picture of a strip quilt top I have been working on. It is made  from two jelly-rolls by Moda called "Portabello Market". The fabrics are amazing. As is, it measures 68x79. I cut most of the strips into pieces because I didnt want many full stips. I wanted it to look scrapy. I sewed the pieces of strips, of varying lengths, which I didnt measure, together with a diagonal seam into one huge long strip. Measured the first strip 68" and sewed the next strip to that measured one. Sometimes I added a strip to the bottom and sometimes I added a strip to the top.  I read somewhere that when sewing strips together you must sew left to right and then right to left so the rows will not bow. That seemed to work well. I kept adding strips until the long strip was used up. If I make another one I would make it narrower so it could be a bit longer. I plan to add a border or maybe two. I haven't decided yet. It was a quick and easy quilt top to make that is for sure.

Here is a close up so you can see the fabrics a bit better. You would not have to use a jelly-roll. Cut strips 2 1/2" of varying lengths from stash fabrics. It took eighty WOF strips for this one. Fat quarters would also work.

Give it a try!

Happy quilting!


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