Sunday, 29 January 2012

I am back!

Have a new computer so the whole blogging thing, no I guess it was getting my pictures on this computer that seemed daunting. Anyways that is done. I have even figured out how to order prints online!

This is a quilt that I did for my nephew. He gave it as a gift to his sweet heart.
Here, I have it laying on my deck ready to spray baste.

Here it is with the binding:

And a couple of close ups of the quilting:

and back

I loved this pattern. It was pieced like a log cabin, but it is the block orientation that makes it unique. It was also the first time I put a block "on point". I would love to make another one at some point. The colour possibilities are endless and it would work with scraps nicely too.

Until next time!

Watch out for todays blessings.


Saturday, 28 January 2012

Has it really been

...........3 months since my last post?! So much happens in three months, I am just going to jump in.

Want to share some pics of the crocheted mats that I have made. They are made from crocheting three strands of 100% wool together. I used a light medium and dark strand but the possibilities are endless. I chained approx. 52 stitches. I used three skeins of each colour which makes a mat 2 feet by 3 feet. The mats are thick and chunky. The picture below shows four different colour ways. .
Here is a close up of the crochet stitch I used. A half double crochet stitch.
The blue one I used mainly scraps. The other two were done with the same three colours, through out, like the one pictured below.

I got the wool from  a little shop not far from where I live. Lismore Sheep Farm They have many different colours and they will mail to anywhere. All the info is on their site.

Good to be blogging again.

Watch out for todays blessings.