Monday, 2 September 2013

An invitation.

All things are not right for all people. I have been blogging for about a year now and I realize that it is not for me. I find that I labour over the text, moving things around, loading pictures all of which seems to come easy for most people.  So I have made a Face Book page called "All the Pretty Pieces" . I invite you to look for me and "like" my page. Once you have done so you can invite your quilty friends to "like" me from your FB profile by clicking on the "invite friends" spot on the right hand side of your page. Here is the profile picture I used, so look for that when you are searching.

Sorry if this excludes anyone who has been following my blog. I will "blog" once in awhile but will use my FB page regularly. I will continue to follow my favorite blogs, so you will be hearing from me. Your blogs are such a big part of my quilting journey, how I am inspired and feel apart of that bigger community. Thanks to those who have followed my blog.  I  have so appreciated your encouragement!

Be blessed and continue to enjoy your journey!