Friday, 12 April 2013

A quick share.

Sharing this quilt I made for a special friend. I gave it to her last week so can post pictures. It is in purple and greens. It the Atkinson design Yellow Brick Road. I have used this pattern several times. It is fun to do and uses FQ. Uses the whole entire FQ which I like. A couple of things I wanted to point out. The q-design is a longarm rendition of Patsy Thompson's "plumes". She has some great q-design that I have done on my domestic machine, so want to learn them on the longarm.

The back

The next photo shows a q-design that I learned from watching Jamie Wallen's youtube videos. His work is stellar and worth having a look. He has a web site as well. Gives lots of tips and has an online store.This particular design he marks out. I wanted to try marking to see what the process was like. To see if it would be an option for me. It is a lot of extra work. I really like the free motion better, I think. But if there was something specific I wanted to do I would use a marked design again. This quilt was also the first one that I quilted the top border, then center of the quilt and bottom border. Then took the quilt off of the rails and turned it, put it back on to do the two side borders. It was a bit time consuming but not as scary as I thought it would be. I would do that again for sure if the occasion presented itself.

Have a great weekend, in spite of the snow, if you are getting some where you are.

Watch out for today's blessing!