Friday, 16 March 2012

Bits and pieces.

But they are exciting bits!

These piles represent two strip quilts. Strip quilts are so fun. One pile has 99, 7 1/2", blocks and the other pile has 80, 8 1/2", blocks, which completes the numbe  of blocks I need for each quilt. Instead of using muslin for the foundation, I used paper. It worked well and the resulting quilt will not be so heavy. I  am going to link up with Amanda at Crazy Mums Quilts for her Finish it up Friday.

The next "piece" is my first Swoon blocks. I was bit scared after doing the first one. As you see, because I picked a black back ground, it looks like a Halloween block even though it is pink and yellow. But then when I did the next one, I felt better. I love how the strips look. I was not careful to lay the strips a certain way so they would line up. Kind of like life, you never know what it will throw at you next.

And the last but not the least "bit". This book arrived in the mail just this morning!. I have hardly cracked the cover, because when I do, I wont be thinking about anything else. I did "peak" as I waited for the pictures to upload. So amazing and inspirational. This book is a must have for anyone wanting to expand their FMQ horizons. Check out Diane's Gaudynski's blog. Lots of tips there as well.

Well that's it for this fine Friday. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Watch out for today's blessings!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Post Script!

Just a note about my previous post.  I neglected to say that the applique design is not mine. I got it from a quilting magazine that I have looked for off and on all weekend, to no avail. The quilt top has been finished for awhile, so the quilt mag is not right at my finger tips. There a distinct possibility that I will not find it:(. I feel bad about that. I so appreciate all of the design, quilting process and believe that credit should be given where credit its due. It is hard work and I know that a person  pours a bit of  themselves into the things they create. I appreciate the quilting community for the willingness to freely share patterns, techniques etc. With out that, the quilting process would not be as rewarding and fun. I am still  hoping I will find that mag! In the mean time, thank you, who ever you are, for sharing your design, that I thoroughly enjoyed doing!

Thanks also for the kind comments about the quilting:) So encouraging!

Keep an eye open for today's blessings!

Thursday, 8 March 2012


Is it too early for tulips and thoughts of spring? I am done with winter. Even though our winter here in NS was basically a good one, I am wanting it to be over. It is +14,  and the sun is shining today so thought I would post pics of this little quilty I finished this week..

Picture of the quilting:

Hand applique and machine quilting.
I  am thankful for people who so freely share their expertise on their blogs.  Leah Day, whose link I have posted on my blog before and Wendy Sheppard. Her blog is worth a visit. She is published in many magazines. Her FMQ is amazing and her "Thread Talks" are a wealth of information.

There is some newly purchased fabric in the washer as I type, to complete a couple of tops I have on the go. When one is completed, another one takes its place. That is the way it is supposed to be, right?!!!

Watch out for today's blessings.