Thursday, 18 October 2012

I have gone over to the long side!

I will explain in a minute. Maybe you can guess:)

But first I can not believe how long it has been since my last post. What a whirlwind of a summer and beginning of fall. Lots of stuff happened, both good and challenging. I want to share some of the good things!

 My Sister was home from Florida and my niece from NY that I had not seen for five years. We all had such fun. They rented a little cottage very close to our house. Ten days goes by super fast.

Then we had 80th B Day celebration for my dad. Had tons of food, family and friends old and new. Mum and dad!

My amazing Dad and his four kids.

In Sept one of my nephews got married to and amazing young woman. What beautiful ceremony.

Next Phoenix Arizona for a week. It was like being on another planet. Scenery was so amazing!
This was the view from our hotel room. First time we had ever traveled to a place like this.

And then end of Sept into Oct, 3 weeks in Alberta, visiting the sweetest little family. Not bias at all. We had sooo much FUN! Walks and talks, reading and playing, holding and hugging. Basically I was given the privileged to do life with them. That is what I enjoy most of all.  Thanks guys!

As far as quilting goes, I feel like I have lived vicariously through my favorite blogs. I believe blogging (for me anyway) has an ebb and flow just like life. I loved keeping in touch and seeing all of the projects that were accomplished over the summer. Good job!

Well now to explain the title if you haven't already guessed. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words so.........

This machine IS actually in my studio! Even as I look at this photo I am still amazed. I never dreamt in a million years that I would have a long arm sewing machine, but there it is. My sweet husband convinced me that now was the right time to get one. It is a Pfaff Precision 3. Hubby and I opened the box, went step by step until it was set up. Followed the DVDs and manual to the letter and before we knew it, it was ready to go. It is a dream to sew on it.

First stitches sewn. It is so fun!

I was never a "jump in with both feet" kind of a person, but I did with this. I have a "real" quilt on the machine now, trying out different designs to get the feel of it. It definitely will take a lot of practice, but I am looking forward to the process.

Glad to be back! Will be posting a bit more often I hope. At least now you know where I will be and what I am doing!

Thanks for catching up with me.

Watch out for today's blessings!