Monday, 26 November 2012

As promised

An update on how the quilting is going on the long arm. To say the least it is lots of fun and I still can't believe I own one. It is challenging to not be on it all of the time.

This quilt I did with swirls, which are my favorite to do so far. You can see that they need to be a bit more uniform but that will come.

This next quilt was pieced by a friend of mine. The top was given to me as a gift! I have to say that it is my all time favorite style. So scrappy and the pieces are 1 3/8", finished. It is big enough, to more than cover a queen sized bed. Because of all of the small pieces and moderately dense quilting it is heavy.

There are two different blocks. Pic below shows the two designs. The design in the little nine patch block was a flower of sorts and the strip block had back and forth quilting in the first and third strip.

There was also two borders. First border was two squares wide, so I did a crosshatch of sorts. A bit wobbly but it is such a fun design to do, so I want to get better at it. The other border was made of  the strip squares so it  made a piano key border. I quilted back and forth on every other strip, the same as I did the blocks.

These last two pictures are for Esther over at Threads on the floor. We discovered from blogging back and forth, we were making the same quilt, "Celtic Knot". Check hers out. Her color ways are  different from mine. It has 2,025, 2 1/2 " squares. My top needs borders and it is ready to quilt. It will probably be after Christmas. Not sure how I will quilt it yet.

As you can see, it is scrappy!

Thanks for checking in.

Watch out for today's blessings!


  1. I love your Celtic Knot Quilt it is beautiful. I went and saw Esther's also and it too is gorgeous. I became a new follower of her also.Great job

  2. I love it! I really like the scrappy look and your colors are beautiful. I did not put a border on mine since I couldn't decide on one. You will have fun quilting it. And, your quilting is looking so nice. Isn't is fun and rewarding. There is always a challenge, and always a new skill to master.

  3. Your quilting is coming along fabulously. Practice, practice, practice!