Monday, 5 November 2012

What I have been up to!

Before too much more time has passed I wanted to share some pictures of how the long arm quilting is going. I never dreamed it would be so much fun. There is a definite learning curve though and I am trying to be patient.

This quilt was a good one to start on I think. The strips gave me the idea to practice a different design the width of every three or four strips. Here are couple of the designs I tried.

Next is a picture of a quilt I did for a friend. She made the top and I quilted it.

The back, an all over design.

And last but not least a sneak peak.

Thanks to all of my quilting heroes. Linda, Esther, Leah Day, Wendy Shepard, Greenfairies, Angela Walters and Patsy Thompson, just to name some. So appreciate your contribution to my quilting journey.

Watch out for today's blessings!


  1. This looks great Donna! Good on you .

  2. You go girl. Your scallop flowers are beautiful. It looks like you are getting a good start, and most important enjoying the process. Every quilt is an opportunity to learn more and try more, and have more fun.

  3. Oh my - gorgeous! What a special treat to own a long-arm!