Sunday, 29 January 2012

I am back!

Have a new computer so the whole blogging thing, no I guess it was getting my pictures on this computer that seemed daunting. Anyways that is done. I have even figured out how to order prints online!

This is a quilt that I did for my nephew. He gave it as a gift to his sweet heart.
Here, I have it laying on my deck ready to spray baste.

Here it is with the binding:

And a couple of close ups of the quilting:

and back

I loved this pattern. It was pieced like a log cabin, but it is the block orientation that makes it unique. It was also the first time I put a block "on point". I would love to make another one at some point. The colour possibilities are endless and it would work with scraps nicely too.

Until next time!

Watch out for todays blessings.