Monday, 15 August 2011

A well used favorite.

I just love this around the world pattern. I use it alot when I need to make a quick quilt. This particulair one I made for a special little boy who we are privileged to be friends with.

I quilted a center based design then echo quilted until I reached the borders.

In the first border, I quilted verse and chorus of "Jesus Loves Me". The second border I quilted swirls. The pic didn't turn out so you could see quilting very clear and the quilt is already being snuggled. For some reason the pics aren't as clear once transfered to the blog page.

It is so satisying to make a quilt that you know is going to be snuggled and used to keep a small body warm. Joy for the reciever and the giver.That is something that alot of quilters have in common. It is one of the main reasons we do what we do.

Watch out for todays blessings!


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