Sunday, 28 August 2011

A touch of the past

I had the privelege of working on a quilt, the owner thinks is from the early 1900's. It was made by his great grandmother. There is something about holding a quilt made by someone long ago. It is hard not to imagine her story. It is made from wool patches mainly, so probably was used to keep a loved one warm.

The back was very worn so that is what I replaced. It was a red flannel fabric that was there previouly so replaced it with the same. I didn't remove any of the old fabric just added the new fabric. I hope she would be pleased with what I have done to lengthen the life of her quilt. The wool patches will last along time.

Some of the patches:

This is the Stewart tarten I believe though it  looks yellowish.

They are going to retie the quilt with its new backing and give it a new home! As we laid the quilt out on our floor their baby girl of 10 months crawled all over it, making the ultimate connection between the generations.

Watch out for todays blessings. This was one of mine!


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  1. That is so neat Donna. I am sure that every patch has a story. I have a quilt like that. Bliss' great grandma made it. I also have a crazy quilt from the 1800's . I have been thinking about posting pics. Maybe on a wednesday?