Friday, 7 June 2013

Wedding pics and a come back!

Well as most of you know our beautiful daughter got married, April 27th! What an amazing mind blowing day it was. Such a beautiful ceremony. We are very blessed to have Alan Guinan become part of our family!

Here we are before the wedding! Our son and his wife were here for five days, from far away. Totally a God thing!

It was hard to settle to anything after the wedding but I do have a couple of things to share. Have also been gardening when ever weather permits.

I love cathedral windows. I found a good tutorial on Kim's blog. Such a good idea to make something small if you want to try something new, rather than make plans for a huge quilt. I found them a little tricky to make, so now know I would not make a big quilt, but do love the pin cushion. I have made a couple. Great little gift!

This little wall hanging I made for friends of mine before the wedding. That is how I see them, as lights. Beacons for those around them. Their friends and family. Children and grandchildren (which, as it so happens we share). I did a bit of trapunto on the buildings and boats. Hard to really see.

First time to try HST. They are a lot of fun. I did a bit of research on how other people do them. Lots of instructions out there. I liked the idea of cutting the squares an inch bigger than the finished block, rather than just 7/8" bigger. Then trim to size.

Last but not least, a finish. Had the top made for a while, so it was a matter of getting it quilted. My rendition of one of the  Ivory Spring designs. Pattern inspired by  Atkins Designs called, Yellow Brick Road.

The back!

Thanks for visiting. Hoping to be a bit more regular with the posting, so post are shorter and quicker to get through!

Watch out for today's blessings!


  1. Good morning Donna. The wedding looks beautiful. Glad Alan and Kody could come. Your quilting looks fantastic. It must be so fun to have a long arm!

  2. How fun to read your comments on my blog! And even more wonderful to see the happy news that Janine got married. She is clearly such a catch and I always wondered who the lucky guy might be -- sometimes it just takes a while, as I know all too well myself. Congrats to her!! Sending you big hugs and much love from Baltimore. You look as beautiful as always. Give my love to your parents and all the family!