Wednesday, 21 September 2011


I am always amazed at how long it has been since my last post. Time does really fly by.  How much I blog is not an indication of how much I think about quilting. I have read the new Sampler mag from cover to cover. It so much fun to get a look at quilt shops and see some of what is going on out there. Also I have recently bought fabric for a quilt I am making as a request from someone. I have favorite blogs that I visit often. Maybe because blogging is fairly new to me I have the "finished project as worthy blog stuff" stuck in my head even though my favorite blogs have a bit of "life" thrown in. I know that when I began blogging it was away to journal about what I am working on. I believe that the process is just as important as the finished project. That is the way life is. Process.

On that note, I am posting pics of a strip quilt I am working on. How I have loved this process. It is such a fun quilt to do. I had some fat quarters picked out in the begining and on the advice of a friend I started adding fabrics of diiferent colours from my stash, bought a few more that I thought would make it zing.

I have to say that these are not the colours I usually choose. But so much fun! I have three more rows left to sew on. Have all of the blocks made, 80 in total. Dont think I will add borders, just put on a binding made from left overs. How to quilt it mmmmm........dont know yet. Thinking, dreaming, imagining, all part of the process.

Watch out for todays blessings!!!!



  1. I love it! They are really fun to do aren't they. I may make another. I wonder how Kody's is coming.

  2. What is the name of the quilt pattern? It's very striking and a great way to use up some stash pieces!

    1. This is just a strip quilt. I have made blocks for two more using paper foundation, which i like better using fabric for foundation. Cut your paper what ever size, i like 8 1/2. The middle strip goes from corner to corner and it is the same in every block. Mine are 2 inches but you could do any width. Then you just add strips until paper is covered. Trim block to size of paper. It is that simple. One of my other posts shows the finished quilt. Hope you try one, they are so fun.